The George Lindsay Band deliver the Blues and other stuff for your 100% enjoyment. This 3 piece band from Glasgow play in a completely uncompromising style, from an 'in your face' hard nosed fashion, much like you would expect from a Glasgow band, to the smooth and intensely melodic that can make the hair on the back of your neck stand up! As George is fond of saying, " we play some blues and lots of other sh*t!"

Summertime Blues! 

Troon will be buzzing this weekend! We are looking forward to a 2 set gig at the Walker Hall stage in Troon Town Hall. First set at 7.45pm then 2nd at 9.30pm. Really looking for a Harbour Bar vibe except a bit bigger!

Some Blues out of the blue! 

Sunday 23rd July we have an unexpected but welcome visit to Sharps Bar in Largs! Dougie our drummer is on his hols so Graham ‘Milney’ Milne joins us to hit things, shake things and rattle things in his own inimitable style, and (hopefully) in time with the bass. Don't be lulled into George's trap Graham! He sucks you in from 90bpm to 150bpm in the space of 12 bars!!

Harbour Bar 17th Dec 2022 

Last one for 2022 done, and it was an absolute pleasure to have it in The Harbour Bar, Troon. And a special thanks to John Scott for plugging in and joining us with some epic guitar playing … and Laura for letting him - the night went in too fast. 

We’re lucky in that our 2023 diary is pretty much full, with only the occasional Friday left to fill, so hopefully see you all at a gig near you soon. In the meantime we would just like to thank everyone that has come to see us over the past year, including those who have joined the band to shake their rattles and bang their tambourines (you know who you are) and help make it all worth it. We don’t take it for granted. 

Have a wonderful Christmas from me, Compton and Douglas and we look forward to seeing you in 2023, starting at Sharps at Largs, January 29th.

George Lindsay

2023 Update! 

Can't believe we are nearly fully booked for the whole of 2023! Still some slots left but not many. We are all trying to avoid spouse rebellions all round, too much singing and playing they say, not enough Mrs time! Oops! 

See us soon at Sharps Bar in Largs on Friday 25th November, just in time for my wedding anniversary! 

2023 Gigs! 

The diary is filling up nicely for 2023 with some new venues added and some great regular slots again. Take a look at the gig guide and see what suits you where. Meanwhile here's what we are up to this weekend!